RefuBees and the City

Wolfgang Weisser

Written by hans kalliwoda

11 September 2023

The urgent concern of insect mortality

Wolfgang Weisser leads the Chair for Terrestrial Ecology within the Department for Life Science Systems at Munich University of Technology. His research primarily revolves around the intricate ecological interactions among organisms and the far-reaching implications of these interactions on populations, communities, and ecosystems. At his chair, the primary focus lies in delving into the ramifications of human-induced alterations in land use on biodiversity and devising sustainable land management strategies. Their research methodology prominently involves extensive fieldwork and places insects as key model organisms.

Science, art and society: support for the Beetotem for RefuBees project

He notes, ‘Addressing insect mortality is a pressing concern that necessitates both scientific inquiry and societal discourse. Merging species protection, science, and art serves as a potent catalyst for fostering wide-ranging societal discussions. Consequently, I wholeheartedly endorse the Beetotem for RefuBees project, which centers on wild bees, a subject that has captured the collective interest of society. 

Innovative case study: educational impact and scientific evaluation

This innovative case study holds the potential to yield numerous societal benefits, including educational impacts within schools. In collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, the efficacy of these measures will undergo rigorous scientific evaluation, considering various influencing factors such as location, existing biotope networks, and species-specific traits. The substantial number of repetitions planned allows for statistically robust conclusions regarding the provision of alternative habitats for wild bees and the pertinent considerations.’

Image: U. Benz/TUM

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