RefuBees and the City

Matthijs Schouten 

Written by hans kalliwoda

13 August 2023

Matthijs Schouten is a distinguished Dutch ecologist and philosopher who worked for a long time at the Dutch Forestry Commission. At the same time, he took on the role of Special Professor of Ecology and Philosophy of Nature Restoration in the Department of Nature Management and Plant Ecology at Wageningen University. He is also a professor of nature and landscape conservation at the University of Cork in Ireland.

Matthijs became involved with the project ‘City as Nature Reserve’ during Hans Kalliwoda’s doctoral research and embarked as an adjunct promoter for this research effort. Joint intellectual explorations often traversed a multi-layered terrain and dealt in particular with profound issues such as the interconnectedness of humans and nature. These exciting discussions intertwined the disciplines of ecology, philosophy, and art.

Due to his advisory roles in various prominent institutes and organizations, Matthijs was often called upon by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (RWS) as a consultant. Thanks to his mediation, the opportunity arose to collaborate with the Pollination Lab project, which subsequently developed into an extremely fruitful cooperation.

Image: Tedx Apeldoorn

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